Supervision and Consultation

 My aim is always to create an environment that is safe, supportive, allows risk-taking, and promotes joyful learning.  Please email me at or call me at (212) 229-7409 to schedule a free consultation! 

Group Consultation for New Clinicians

Learn and Grow in a Supportive Environment

I believe that working in social service agencies remains the best path to becoming a professional who can deliver quality services to a wide range of people. But growth can only occur when there is clinical supervision. Unfortunately, with today’s economic pressures, that is often one of the first things that gets curtailed. Therapists don’t always have a place to think about what is really going on with their clients, understand and manage impasses, and how to deepen their work, let alone figure out who they are as therapeutic agents. I offer the following, which is for the purposes of education and cannot be used towards the "C."

Group Consultation. Through participants’ case presentations, we will expand your psychodynamic understanding in relation to the work you are doing, learn how to go deeper in your work with clients, effectively move through phases of treatment, discuss new and useful ways of considering transference and counter-transference issues, work with personality disorders, experiment with use of self, consider how the enduring consequences of trauma manifest, and any other issues that are relevant and interesting to you. You will have the opportunity to role-play, present cases, and obtain and give feedback to your peers. Finding a comfortable fit with your professional identity will also be addressed. Group is geared towards new graduates (0-3 years) and is limited to 6 participants. Meetings are biweekly on Thursdays from 5:45-7:00pm. Other days/times might be available. Fee is $50.00.

Individual supervision allows us to help you refine your style. We can follow one or more of your cases on a regular basis to look more deeply at countertransference reactions and what they can tell you about your client.

"The goal is not to know, the goal is to feel comfortable with not knowing."